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noun A skilled worker who makes things by hand. (Oxford English Dictionary)

Our pudding.

We are proud to call ourselves artisans. Each cake and pudding from Artisan Cakes is made from ingredients chosen with care, prepared by hand and cooked in small batches. This care and attention ensures that each Celebration Cake and Christmas pudding not only bursts with flavour, but also looks gorgeous and is a real delight to those who taste it.

We make our Celebration Cake in 3 sizes; the small is perfect as a small gift, or at Christmas as a stocking-filler. It also goes well in hampers. The medium (our biggest seller) is boxed and is not only a wonderful gift at Christmas but is also great to take with you to dinner - after all how often have the wines already been chosen? The boxed cake also stands up well to posting so is a great Christmas gift to send overseas or around New Zealand. The large cake is available around Christmas by special request.

Following a request from a specialty food store who were finding it difficult to find a locally made pudding for Christmas, we have recently added a Christmas pudding to our range, it's a traditional boozy treat just like your Mum used to make. Christmas Pudding: Size and Price >>

Our different sizes of cake.

"A pretty afternoon-tea piece, but the cake comes into its own when sliced (thinly) and served with a glass of dessert wine and a wedge of good cheddar." The Press - 18 October 2007

Bill and Judith Hanrahan

"Food lovingly made by hand always has an artisan touch, which is why Bill and Judith Hanrahan, the owners of Celebration Cake, can claim their product as "extra special fruit cake"." Taste - December 2007